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To help others achieve their weight loss goal by wearing the weight loss motivation PoundPuncher Bracelet.


Following the birth of my daughter in 2005, I failed to lose my extra unwanted pounds and continued to gain weight. In January 2008, I entered a local weight loss contest. I had a lot of weight to lose and felt overwhelmed. However, I knew if I could stay focused and track my results, I would be more apt to succeed in my desire of shedding the weight. Soon after beginning my weight loss program, I told my husband that I needed a bracelet or something to keep me focused and on track. That was my "ah-ha" moment.......the idea of the PoundPuncher weight loss bracelet was born. 

We created the first motivational bracelet and I began to see results as I wore it. The bracelet allowed me to continuously see my goals in writing which helped to stay focused. It also helped me to see what I had accomplished and gave me the determination I needed to continue losing weight. 
In the first 12 weeks, I lost 39 1/2 pounds and I won the women's division of the weight loss contest. I began sharing my story and bracelets with family and friends. They are now wearing the PoundPuncher Bracelet and reaching for their weight loss goals. 

I know how hard it can be to lose weight! In my past weight loss attempts, I would get discouraged by the number of pounds I wanted to lose, and the amount of time and hard work it would take. With the PoundPuncher Bracelet I was able to stay focused on a goal of losing 2 lbs. (or more) at a time. With the weekly mindset of 2lbs. (or more), my overall goal seemed more achievable.

The PoundPuncher Bracelet helped me accomplish my goal and even though the contest was over, my weight loss journey wasn't complete. I stayed focused and lost 33 more pounds and had reached my over all goal of 72 lbs. I'm now where I dreamed to be and maintaining with regular exercise, healthy eating, my bracelet, and strength from God.

I would like to thank my Lord, Jesus Christ, who gave me the Strength, Courage, and Determination to Change and for giving me the "idea" of the PoundPuncher Bracelet!

Kelley Davis
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"If you don't do what's best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end."  
 - Julius Erving

""With God all things are possible"
Matthew 19:26

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