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"I get asked all the time about the bracelet/band and people are excited about the idea of a visual to help stop reaching for the 2nd helping or candy bar!"
Mankato, Minnesota

"I've now lost 16lbs. in 5 weeks and find the PoundPuncher Bracelet to be a real incentive (and a harsh reminder). If I reach into the fridge or out to a plate of snacks the bracelets acts as a reminder to make a positive choice about what I put into my mouth."
United Kingdom

"I have lost 23 pounds and the PoundPuncher Bracelet helps me stay on track.  I have more to go and plan on wearing it until and after I reach my goal weight."
Riverside, CA

"I have always been weight conscience.  I've tried numerous fad diets and pills which are NOT healthy AND they don't work long term.  I know, to reach my goal of loosing 15lbs, I have to eat in moderation and exercise.  But, that is also very challenging and frustrating because that's hard to do.  Especially, the diet part because I love to eat!  I wear my PoundPuncher bracelet everyday.  It is my constant reminder.  So, when I feel the urge to splurge or eat impulsively and I see my bracelet, it makes me stop and think.  Once I do that, I regain control and am able to eat in moderation and eliminate that "binge" eating.  I plan on wearing my bracelet even after I loose the weight as my reminder to stay in control of what I eat.  Thanks so much!"
Julie Hammonds,  

Being in sales for over 25 years and in the fitness industry for 13 years I have seen many products come and go.  My first impression of the PoundPuncher Bracelet was WOW!  I watch others in our fitness club, where we carry the bracelets, and they have the same reaction.  Now personally, I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but I want to lose 10% body fat. That's where the PoundPuncher Bracelet will help me, I never take it off.  Thanks Kelley.
Tommy V, 
The Nebraska Athletic Club, NE

I am excited to have the opportunity to share how the PoundPuncher Bracelet has helped me meet my goals in weight loss.  For years now, I have struggled with losing weight in the spring and summer months, only to gain it back in the winter.  I have gained and lost the same 15 pounds numerous times! I am a clinical psychologist and fully understand the interaction between our cognitions (what we think), feelings, and behaviors.  I am fairly self-disciplined and energetic, so the behavioral part of being healthy has never been too much of a problem for me.  My problem has been in terms of losing focus, gaining a few pounds, and then giving up.  The PoundPuncher Bracelet has really helped me to engage the missing link--focus--in terms of maintaining a healthy weight.  It is right on my wrist, so every time  I reach for something to eat, it makes me think, "Am I really hungry?", "Is this a good choice?", "Could eating this set me up for not being able to move my "lbs." button up a notch or even worse, cause me to have to move it back?".  Every time I exercise I see it and think "Can I push myself even harder so I can move the "lbs." button up a notch?".  This constant reminder has allowed me to stay focused this winter and actually LOSE weight, when I normally gain it.  As a psychologist, I am encouraged to live out what I have taught to my patients for years, "our thoughts ARE very powerful and effect what we do and how we feel."  As a Christian, I am encouraged to have a tool to remind me to "take every thought captive."
Lisa Jones, Ph.D, 
Lincoln, NE 

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"You cannot take charge of the present if you are busy reliving the setbacks of the past." 
-Newman & Berkowitz
"Saw this on tv tonight and was amazed...I ordered one. My doctor results today came back with a fatty liver and I have to lose weight and watch what I eat. I am looking forward to receiving my bracelet and know that it will keep me motivated to lose weight; I have about 40 pounds to lose. Thanks! "
Teri Isaacs, 
Council Bluffs, Iowa 

"I am so excited about my PoundPuncher Bracelet.  I have a hard time losing weight because I hate giving up the kinds of foods that are fattening.  I haven't really been dieting since wearing my bracelet but everytime I reach for a piece of candy, an extra helping at meal time, ice cream, etc. I see my bracelet and pull my hand back, without the food.  IT REALLY WORKS!!!  I was able to move my "lbs." button within the first week.  I am losing weight without having to eat what I call diet foods.  This is so encouraging, as now I am focused on losing more weight.
Beth Davis, NE

"I don't believe in miracle products that claim weight loss without any effort.  I believe in exercise and healthy eating accompanied by a determination to achieve results.  That's where the PoundPuncher bracelet has helped me. I stayed focused on my weight loss goal and lost 60 lbs. in the first 5 months.  I've been able to continue losing weight with the help of my bracelet.  It is a visual reminder of my success and helps me to avoid a regain of weight." 
Lynn, NE 

"Started a new job in July of 08, unfortunately it was the midnight shift, so 4 days a week I would sit behind a desk 9pm to 9am. Every night my wife would make me lunch which was a full dinner, I would eat at 3am, then eat breakfast in the morning. I ACCIDENTALLY stepped on a scale and noticed I gained 25 pounds that I had to lose. The PoundPuncher Bracelet reminded me not to eat as much and to eat healthy. Im now only 6 lbs from my original weight."
Mike, Illinois
"I reached my weight-loss goal with the help of the PoundPuncher Bracelet.  I was able to lose 22 lbs. in thirteen weeks.  While wearing the bracelet I'm reminded of my goal and able to stay focused."
J.Davis, NE

We truly hope the Motivational PoundPuncher Bracelet helps you to reach your weight loss goal.  
Let us know how you are doing. We would love to hear your success story!  
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